Tue, January 26, 2021
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new companies and overseas offices

The main aim for establishing new companies and overseas offices is to:

  • Introduce Iran's petrochemical Industries and their related products to the target markets
  • Find out more about the target markets and get acquainted with each markets demands in order to
  • improve and satisfy foreign customers
  • Provide before and after-sales service to the foreign customers.
  • Increase market share in the overseas markets.

Forign Affiliated Companies and Branches

PCC has 4 subsidiary companies ,  4 branch offices and 23 agents  in different contries.


Affiliated Comapnies :

PCC United Kingdom Comapny (U.K)

Intra-Chem Trading ICT (GMBH)

PCC Shanghai International Ltd.

PCC FZE Company


Branch Offices :

PCC India (Branch of PCC FZE)

PCC Turkey (Branch of PCC FZE)

PCC Beijing (Branch of PCC Shanghai International Ltd.)

PCC Guangzhou (Branch of PCC Shanghai International Ltd.)

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